About Us

Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc. (OSF) is a vertically integrated company specializing in the development, growing, processing, and marketing of novel tree fruit varieties developed through bioengineering. Based in Summerland, British Columbia, Canada, OSF was founded in 1996 and acquired by an affiliate of Third Security, LLC in 2020. OSF’s flagship product is its Arctic® apple varieties. Arctic apples provide a sustainable solution to less food waste and improved apple consumption.
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Our Mission

Harnessing excellence in talent, our passion, culture, technology, and innovation, OSF delivers premium quality tree fruit products in the constant pursuit of a healthier, more sustainable world. 

Our Vision

Through innovation, education, and science, OSF brings to the world better fruit for a better future. 

Our Leadership

OSF is led by apple and cherry grower Neal Carter. Through his work across the globe as a bioresource engineer, Neal became convinced of the opportunities and solutions offered through biotechnology that can help agriculture meet ever-expanding global food demands.

Our Team

There have been many milestones and accomplishments since OSF's inception back in 1996. What we're most proud of, however, is the incredible team we've built. Get to know the faces responsible for bringing our innovative products to fruition.
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Innovative Products

OSF’s flagship project is the development and commercialization of Arctic apples which don't turn brown when bitten, sliced, or bruised. This trait offers valuable benefits for all members of the apple supply chain, from growers to consumers.
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Solution-Based Science

OSF holds worldwide intellectual property rights in compositions and methods for regulating expression of polyphenol oxidase (PPO) genes to control enzymatic browning in tree fruits. In addition, OSF has been working on solutions to a number of challenges affecting a variety of other crops. This has the potential to reduce meaningful losses for the produce supply chain, and in some cases, reduce the need for pesticide and disease control applications.
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