Media and public interest in food waste has been increasing in recent years, and third-party data demonstrates that apples are among the most wasted foods, with approximately 40% of apples grown going to waste. The sustainability efforts behind Okanagan Specialty Fruits® (OSF) have an interesting story to tell:

  • Our orchards employ state-of-the-art technology, which optimizes the use of inputs while delivering high-quality fruit.
  • Arctic® apples were developed and are grown specifically for fresh-cut processing, which results in a premium product with reduced loss in the processing facility.
  • Our fresh apple slices have a 28-day shelf life compared with the 18-21 day industry average, reducing waste at retail, in foodservice establishments, and at home.
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When Was OSF Founded?

OSF was founded in 1996 by apple and cherry growers Neal and Louisa Carter, who are passionate about reducing food waste and boosting apple consumption.
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Did you know OSF's journey has been 25 years in the making? From our inception in 1996 to how our Arctic apple varieties offer a sustainable solution to less food waste throughout the supply chain, there are many great stories to tell. Download our media kit for more information on our history, our products, our science, and other interesting facts.

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When you're passionate about something you want to share it! We love sharing the story behind OSF and Arctic apples. We are pleased to facilitate requests such as interviews, fact-checking, and images for use. Please contact our media department for all inquiries at [email protected] or call 250-404-0101. We look forward to hearing from you!