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Say goodbye to half-eaten apples. Arctic® apple varieties don’t brown when bitten, sliced, or bruised, offering orchard freshness that lasts longer and less waste. Finally, fresh apple slices that taste freshly-picked!
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Less Waste & More Taste

Arctic apple slices are just as nutritious as other apples. An apple’s browning reaction typically “burns up” healthful antioxidants, and Arctic apples avoid this browning reaction. Arctic apple slices keep their orchard fresh flavor, color, and appearance so they’re more likely to be eaten, resulting
in less waste. Our goal is to help support healthy diets by boosting apple consumption, and with Arctic apples it’s easier to ensure that every bite has the home-sliced flavor you know and love.
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Sliced & Diced

Arctic apple fresh slices are ready-to-eat for on the go snacking and convenience. Our sliced and diced products are the perfect recipe ingredient and now you can finally use apples where you wouldn't dare to use them before!
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Multiple Varieties & Sizes

Arctic apple products are available in a variety of package sizes, accommodating both the retail and foodservice industries. Enjoy our sweet Arctic® Golden or our tart Arctic® Granny varieties. Arctic® Fuji will be available in 2022 and more varieties are on the way!
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Using Arctic apples in recipes means less waste, less labor, and more flavor!
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