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“What inspires me most with OSF is our ability to truly make a difference with advancements in biotechnology. If we can all embrace the technology that will aid us to efficiently and sustainably produce the food we need to feed this planet we can make a powerful impact on the sustainability of both the environment and people across the world." 

– Neal Carter, Founder and CEO of Okanagan Specialty Fruits

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Okanagan Specialty Fruits (OSF) holds worldwide intellectual property rights in compositions and methods for regulating expression of polyphenol oxidase genes to control enzymatic browning in tree fruits. 
We have successfully proven our bioengineering expertise through the creation of Arctic® apples varieties. Discover how we did it!
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OSF is a vertically integrated company specializing in the development, growing, processing, and marketing of novel tree fruit varieties developed through bioengineering. Our flagship product is our Arctic apple varieties, which provide a sustainable solution to less food waste and improved apple consumption.
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Say goodbye to half-eaten apples. Arctic apple varieties don’t brown when bitten, sliced, or bruised, offering orchard freshness that lasts longer and less waste. Finally, fresh apple slices that taste freshly-picked!
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